DESET Architects About Us



INNOVATIONS: DESET architetcs seeks to achieve efficient and feasible spatial solutions by using technological, functional and aesthetical innovations all in the name of reducing costs and increasing the positive impact ARCHITECTURE has on society. Our work demonstrates complex multidisciplinary approach that takes into account the climat conditions, the context, the specific needs of society, the functional goals of the projects and the current world practices.
PROCESS: DESET architects have created a reputation as a competent and honest partner in all steps of the design process, from setting up a program to the realization of the final product. Each of our projects is subordinate to the desired goal, spatial-temporal and social features and the possible added value for society beyond necessity. From an ecological point of view, we take into account the potential of the site, the specific landscape and climatic features. From an urbanistic aspect, we recognize the spatial framework, the visual and communication connections and the cultural and historical layers. In social terms we consider the needs of society and its specificity, the current urban dynamics, social behaviors and activities. Our goal is to create an economically feasible and aesthetically pleasing spatial environment, subject to the criteria – accessibility, business and security in order to achieve hedonistic and environmentally sustainable ARCHITECTURE.
VISION: We believe that architecture can be a socially responsible factor for shaping modern society through its emotional and aesthetic potential, hedonistic and environmental sustainability!
MISSION: DESET architects creates innovative, high-tech and ecological projects in harmony with the world around us and entirely in people’s benefit. In order to meet the constantly changing demands of modern everyday life DESET architects uses multicultural information exchange to impact the sences and to turn today’s values into tomorrow’s ARCHITECTURE.